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We support our customers by providing a comfortable climate controlled free cigar lounge with comfortable furniture, free high speed wireless internet, big screen high definition TVs with tremendous channels…plus exhaust systems for smoke extraction and more…Please keep the lounge free and support us!

Rules of the Lounge and Store: NO OUTSIDE CIGARS

We only allow cigars and tobaccos purchased at Davidus Cigars in our lounges and stores! No outside cigars or pipe tobaccos! No cigarette smoking anyplace in the store! We would also appreciate you supporting us by purchasing soda’s from us and not other stores. This is how we keep the lounge free.

Q: What if I bring in a cigar or products not purchased at Davidus Cigars?
A: Why would you want to smoke a cigar from anyone else? Nevertheless, if you bring in a cigar not purchased at Davidus Cigars, you will be politely asked to leave! You would not bring beer into a bar or food into a restaurant, so please purchase a cigar when you want to use the lounge and do not bring in cigars purchased some place else.

Q: When should I purchase the cigars?

A: Please make a cigar purchase before entering our lounge.

If you finish your cigar and want to stay, please go to the humidor and purchase another cigar or free up the space for another customer.

Remember, even if you make a purchase, you cannot smoke outside cigars in our lounges! In order to keep the lounge free, please follow the policy!

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